The age group specific resources will replace the previous ‘FA Mini-Soccer Handbook 2008’ which is still in circulation. These include text about ethos and rationale behind changes, ideas for implementing change and Laws of Mini-Soccer.

Elements such as retreat line, playing development matches in quarters and roll-ins for U7/U8 are optional this season.

However, the ball size for U9’s being a 3 is now mandatory, as per the Standard Code of Rules – Youth Competitions.

The U11 and U12 Youth Development Resource Booklet includes Laws of the Game for 9v9 football. Previously weren't a bespoke set of laws and there was a hybrid of different versions being played.

The Laws of the Game for 9v9 football include offside, it isn’t optional.

Youth Leagues Youth Development Resource Booklet has been developed to support league volunteers with implementing these elements too. This has been developed by a leagues working party of a variety of volunteers from across the country to ensure the information is relevant for their peers.