Toilet Facilities

No Toilet Facilities at Venues involving Youth Football Fixtures

There are thousands of children who play on pitches every week across the country that do not have their own toileting changing/facilities. As much as we (FA) would like to see the situation improve, and to this end the football foundation and other FA Partners support facility development projects, we are not in a position at present, especially given the current economic climate, to put pressure on Clubs, leagues, or Local Authorities and require that toilets are available at every venue. To do so would decimate youth football and would not be in the best interest of young people or the national game.

Within the Standard Code of Rules for Youth Competitions it clearly outlines the responsibilities of those arranging fixtures and The FAs Best Practice Guide for Changing Rooms and Showering Facilities also gives guidance in relation to this area.

If Leagues and Clubs are aware of the absence of changing/toileting facilities and plan well, ensuring those travelling/using facilities are aware of the issues well in advance, I would not consider there to be any safeguarding concerns.

However, if there are repeated situations where adults are relieving themselves in front of minors, or vice versa, this needs to be reported to the club/league, who may wish to consider using alterative venues or ensuring that those using the facilities are aware of other local amenities.

Where there are concerns in relation to specific individuals changing/relieving themselves in public then these should be reported through to the CFA WO by the CWO or YLWO.

Clubs that are aware that No Toilet Facilities are available MUST inform the away team(s) giving adequate notice and guidance for other provisions.

Ian Binks
County Welfare & Lead Respect Officer
Hampshire FA